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Stepping Stones Bible Studies

What is Stepping Stones?

Each Stepping Stones e-book is comprised of a wide range of illustrated, one-page studies in the Word of God. Most deal with a single topic or biblical principle, though some may be part of a series. The studies are concise, containing key points which are intended to be expanded or “unpacked.”

Who is Stepping Stones written for?

These studies can be used devotionally for individuals or groups. They also make excellent teaching or preaching outlines. We invite you to approach these studies with an open heart to hear from the Holy Spirit. Use them to discover what God wants to say to you, and then to others through you.

Four e-books in this series

Stepping Stones is available in four individual volumes.

Our prayer is that what you receive from them will draw you and those you minister to a little closer to God, helping you become a little more like Christ, every day in every way.

Four volumes totaling 100 different lessons

Each lesson takes you through a particular scriptural concept, shows you how to apply it in your life, and provides supporting Bible references in an easy-to-follow 1 page outline. Supporting graphics emphasize important concepts and bring the lesson to life.

You can purchase the four volumes in one illustrated 8″X10″ full-color book containing an updated version of all 100 studies. The cost is $35.95. (about 36 cents per study).