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“Mentoring Minutes make me want to sing!”

I was just listening to the ‘Mentoring Minutes” which I do regularly. I really enjoy their content and the wisdom they bring into my life. The themes are incredible creative and pithy. I enjoy and treat them like little M&M’s that I pop in my mouth, so sweet, their taste  stays around for a long time and just one goes a long way. They also often lead to meditating about the topic or sometime just “singing” and praising Him (“I can sing”)!

Dear Pastor Bob,

I really do not know how I could express my gratitude about your influence in my life in one or two paragraphs, I feel I could write a book about it, and I believe I will do so in the future. You stood by me through hard times and good times. Often you were my only source of encouragement. You have rejoiced with me about what the Lord has done and what He is going to do. You taught me more about Jesus than anyone I have known.

As my spiritual father, I saw in you the love of Christ and the compassion you have for the children of God. You are my example as I lead the people that the Lord has entrusted in me. When I met you, my life changed forever. I committed my life to serve our Lord, and determined to follow the path that the Lord had plan for me. I always say that I have been changed from a playboy to a prayboy.

Even though I left US in November of 2005, you have never stopped teaching me, guiding me and leading me in the way of the Lord. I will always honor you and Pastor Nancy as my spiritual parents and follow your dedication and determination to serve our Lord Jesus Christ.

God bless you. Your disciple always,
Jeremiah Yap
Pastor and Evangelist,
Jakarta, Indonesia

“From a Playboy to a Prayboy”

“Grateful for his patience and the grace of God on his life”

Dr. Bob has been a blessing to our church through the various workshops and leadership seminars he has conducted with the ministry team here. People were brought into greater alignment with God’s purposes and still, to this day, quote him on various things.

Beyond the general ministry to our flock and its leaders, Dr. Bob has been a coach and mentor in sorting through the issues that surfaced through a season of “burnout” in my ministry in 2008. When you’re burned out and tired, it is often difficult to organize one’s thoughts in a productive way. Dr. Bob helped me step back from things, find some long-lost objectivity, and design a “personal model of ministry” that brought definition and focus to my calling. Our personal calling and ministry needs to “take care of us” as well as minister to others. There is no heavenly commendation for running half of your race at a fever pace, trying to do everything that presents itself as a need, and then burning out and quitting halfway through. There is a balance and wisdom that, if listened to and acted upon, will ensure the fulfillment of our ministry. Dr. Bob has been a valuable resource, imparting that wisdom. I am very grateful for his patience and the grace of God on his life.

Roger Welty,
Senior Pastor, Victory Faith Family Church, Fort Madison, Iowa

I have known Dr. Bob & Nancy Abramson for many years. In the past few years, we have developed a much deeper relationship. His ministry experience has proven vital to the lives of so many. My life has been tremendously touched through Dr. Bob’s council and encouragement.

Many times, I have found myself calling Dr. Bob for advice. He has always given sound, solid and Holy Spirit led council. We have traveled together and I have seen his ministry in action. He ministers a strong and accurate Word. His spiritual gifts always manifest in his meetings. In this past year, I have encouraged other ministries to contact him for council, mentoring and ministry services. All reports have come back to me with the same testimony. Dr. Bob and his wife Nancy flow with Godly wisdom and spiritual gifts. I wholeheartedly recommend their ministry to any who would consider connecting with Dr. Bob & Nancy Abramson.”

Bill Schwartz
President & Founder
Ephesians 4:12 Global Ministries

“Tremendously touched through Dr. Bob’s Council and Encouragement”

“They let the eagle out of its cage and let it soar into the fullness of God.”

I arrived at Pastors Bob and Nancy’s Ministry at a crucial time in my life where I needed definition and guidance. I learned to accept and celebrate who I was, and began to allow God to use all my life experiences for His glory. A boldness to confess His goodness and mercy emerged. To be still and listen to the voice of God became my priority.

In Pastor Bob’s mentorship program I learned how to effectively preach, pray and intercede for others. I learned proper ministry protocol, including altar ministry, evangelism and how to fight the enemy of God’s people with the Word of God. Pastor Bob modeled a passion for God’s Word. He provided in-depth studies in the Bible and Jesus’ teachings. He instilled in me a love and passion for missionaries across the world, and helped me to embrace all nationalities and to work well with them despite our cultural differences. Perhaps most of all, Pastor Bob modeled a life full of integrity, holiness and obedience unto God. He helped me lay a Godly foundation for my Pastoral walk.

Above all, I truly appreciate Pastors Bob and Nancy’s love and acceptance of me, just as I was. I had been messed up, afraid, lost, lonely and tired of the church game. I felt unconditional love from them. They embraced me and let the eagle out of its cage and let it soar into the fullness of God. A life of wholeness, fulfillment and purpose began.

Pastor Marylin Correa
The Potter’s Ladies
Bronx, New York

Pastor Bob and Nancy Abramson have been a huge blessing to my wife and me. I knew them 10 years ago when I was studying in the Urban Mission School in Suva, Fiji. The Lord has since allowed us to reconnect in a very special way in 2007. My wife and I have been so blessed by the relationship we have with Pastor Bob and Nancy. My father-in-law is the Pastor of our church in Fort Madison, Iowa. He took a sabbatical last June-July and placed me in the Pastoral role for 11 weeks. Pastor Bob and Nancy were not only gracious to come and minister with us, but to also be available at any time I needed encouragement, guidance, and relationship. Pastor Bob has closely mentored me since that time. He recognized the call that God had on my life, and that I was “burying my talents” in a way. He immediately began to call the gifts out of me and encourage me in the Pastoral call on my life. Pastor Bob holds me accountable, gives me insight into ministry and working with people, and helps me be the true leader in my family, becoming a better father and husband to my wife and kids. He has also recognized the call on my wife’s life and has helped her to understand that Pastoral call as well. She… has come to not only understand ministry in a different light, but is now excited to pastor with me! They have been another set of parents to us, and we are so grateful for their understanding in ministry, and into my Fijian culture. Because of the difference they’ve made in our lives, we are more confident in the Lord, and more sensitive to the leading of the Holy Spirit in our lives. Now we are pursuing our Pastor’s Licensing and ordination with the Foursquare Church. I hope and pray that in the many years ahead of us, my wife and I can enjoy relationship, mentorship, and the close covering we have with Pastor Bob and Nancy. They are a blessing from Heaven!

Ioane “Tagi” Takape, Currently with the Christian Mission Fellowship, Suva, Fiji Islands

“He immediately began to call the gifts out of me and encourage me in the pastoral call on my life. Pastor Bob holds me accountable, gives me insight into ministry and working with people…”

“…through his contribution of direction and leadership, what was once vision is becoming reality.”

There are those who at certain times in life be it directly or indirectly lift us through wisdom, passion and the personal commitment to their fellowman.  Dr. Robert Abramson has poured this in my life and ministry. It has been through his contribution of direction and leadership, what was once vision is becoming reality.

Dr. Keith Pettus
Sr. Pastor, Truth Center Ministries International

Roslyn, New York

Dear Dr Bob,

I just browsed through your webpage and cannot but write to say… Thank you giving yourself to Him to make you a blessing to many like me. I am the Coordinator of Zarephath Foundation. Our Mission is to “promote Church Growth and Community Development through Biblical Discipleship, Leadership Development and Mentoring” with emphasis on Future Leadership and Marketplace Ministry.

I am writing to keep in touch and also let you know that we will be blessed if you will consider visiting Cameroon to fellowship with us and also facilitate workshops for leaders. The Apostolic Bilingual Bible College (which we are partnering with) will be delighted to have you have programs with them through us. Should God grant you permission to visit Cameroon, we will be delighted to host you will all gratitude to Him who is the author and finisher of our faith. Accept my sincere gratitudes,

Coordinator, Zarephath Foundation
Republic of Cameroon

“Thank you from Camaroon!”


Dear Dr. Abramson,

The Lord is good and His love endures forever to the ends of the earth. As I look back when I know you through using your materials is just a dream but our relationship becomes deeper and at the same time we become deeper in our relationship to the Lord. It is my dream and desire to serve God in all of my life. As the years go by things turns to craving for God’s transformation and the demands of his righteousness urges my deepest motivation of the Holy Spirit to give my all in all to my master. But the question is How I could do this. Yes I have trained and graduated in one of the Bible school and have the starting point to serve God and pastor a certain church for fifteen years. The non stop service for about 40 years is not a guarantee for having a strong foundation of my relationship to the Lord. Ministry is not experience and reach in a higher value and the result is very minimal and without satisfaction as to the result and much more in bringing glory to God.

Dr. as I ponder our 4 or five months learning together you have brought me a journey that is long lasting and brought a real significant not only in my life as leader of the three years old church. But the said journey has bought also challenges to my own family and to the whole congregation. You have given the best fatherhood to me as you act as my along sider in the process of our learning sharing to me your materials in a real life application to my own people and to some leaders around me. The five months you have engaged in sharing you life has brought new vision to my ministry and the desire that has been demanding me before has brought real meaning resulting to a great changes in the life and attitudes of my family, congregation and to the rest of the leaders whom I have shared and mentored for a couple of months now.

I could not wait myself to say thank you for your especial time with me every week. And I treasure more our learning together and every week becomes a godly marks of God’s position in the lives of our church. The things which I dream before has now gradually seen in the lives of the people and I not deny the fact that three pastors right who are burn out before and now are aligned and faithfully serving the Lord with gladness in their heart. We are looking forward to our great celebration of what god has done for us through your journey Dr. we have many things to celebrate because God is making our church in position to glorify Him during our anniversary.

Once again thank you very much  for your especial time with me and the unending prayers together with your wife for we know that our God will not forget these things you’ve done and He will bless you more your family and your ministry.

God bless …. TO GOD BE THE GLORY ….

Your Timothy
Pastor Lem – Cebu, Philippines