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New Beginnings – Recovery and Healing from Divorce or Broken Relationships

Pastors, do you have people in your congregation who have been divorced or experienced a broken relationship? New Beginnings is a proven seminar with a series of twelve lessons from Dr. Bob. Thousands of people around the world have been able to leave their pasts behind and move ahead with their lives. The lessons are designed for personal or classroom use.

We have provided the curriculum and instructors’ resources that will help you organize the course. (If you are just seeking the resources for yourself, you will find the lessons will be a blessing to you.)

Class or Group Facilitators’ Resources
Facilitators’ Questions – Five Weeks (First Ten Sessions):

Dr. Bob’s book, “Beyond the Rubble” can be a great help if you have experienced a broken relationship.

If you desire to have Dr. Bob come to your church and train your leaders, and do a short seminar to kick off the course, he may be available. Contact him.