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Providing biblical teaching resources for the next generation.

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Online Classes

Whether you have a call to full-time ministry or are someone who is simply hungry for knowledge about God, our Online Video Classes are for you. The video classes will provide you, your group or your church, with a substantial portion of Dr. Bob and Nancy Abramson’s leadership curriculum.  The course of study is designed to equip you with much of the basic knowledge necessary to minister for the Lord. It will provide you with a wealth of Bible knowledge, Christian character issues, and practical insight into Christian ministry. As you study, you will enjoy approximately forty-three subjects, some of which, because of their length, will be split into parts. In most cases, you will have access to coordinated video, audio and PDF lesson files. Your primary video instructors will be Dr. Bob and his wife, Nancy, who is also a seasoned Bible school instructor and an ordained minister and pastor.

These courses are available to you without charge.  As with most of the materials on the website, they are freely given.

Course Material

We have provided a sample video teaching file, an audio file and PDF handout for you, below:

Video Lesson
Audio Lesson
PDF Handout

Servanthood 01 Take Up Your Cross Handout

There is no accreditation offered or implied for these courses. Those who study in groups will need to provide their own facilitator or locally available teacher. We recommend that you bring this opportunity to your local pastor and seek his or her guidance. We strongly believes in spiritual authority and know it is a safe and prudent thing to ask the counsel of your pastor.

The video curriculum is copyright protected. It may only be reproduced with Dr. Bob’s express permission for study or church groups as long as it is freely given.