Mentoring Ministry

Providing biblical teaching resources for the next generation.

Group Two

This is the second of three groups of lessons. Each group has multiple sets of lessons. You will find video, along with matching audio and .PDF files for most of them. We are offering them to you free of charge. 

THEOLOGICAL TERMS 11-18 (.PDF files only)

These are the final eight of eighteen short, concise definitions of important theological terms. They are in the form of one-page .PDF Files only. There are no video or audio files for these terms. We recommend that you print them and put them in a handy reference notebook. If you have a local facilitator or teacher, he or she may lead a discussion of each theological definition. Dr. Bob’s goal is that you will know and be able to accurately paraphrase each definition. If you are in a study group or class, you may use the homework instructions at the bottom of each lesson. (Do not send them to Dr. Abramson.)