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My New Book for May, 2019: “Ten Principles of Integrity from the Life of Joseph”

“Ten Principles of Integrity from the Life of Joseph” – Integrity opens the door to the overcoming power that God makes available to those who commit to uncompromising lives. Be a person who demonstrates the best of God, regardless of your situation or circumstances. Be resolved that however strong the temptations or pressures are, you won’t spend your integrity. It’s priceless. It never risks what’s too precious to lose. This book explores ten principles of integrity from the life of Joseph. They teach us how to always stand firm and do what we know is right and pleasing to God.•Do what’s right. It’s always your gateway to success.•Build your integrity stronger in the midst of life’s disappointments.•Make the hallmark of your integrity a life of no compromise.•Stand strong and unmoved in every situation. God is with you.•Reap the rewards of your integrity. It’s a key to promotion, both now and into eternity.

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