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New for April:Growing Towards Togetherness – Pre-marriage book and workbook

Planning on getting married? “Growing Towards Togetherness” (available as both a book and a corresponding Workbook) will give you insight into preparing for a blessed marriage. God wants a very real part in designing your relationship as husband and wife. He wants you to have the best life possible together as you build on the good things you already share. Applying biblically based principles can bring couples to new levels of love, maturity, peace and joy. Some of the questions covered in this book are:•What can you learn to help your upcoming marriage grow from good to great, or even greater? •How can understanding the differences between men and women bring you closer together? •What are the seven pillars of love that will keep your marriage solid? •How can you speak to each other in ways that will improve the quality of your relationship throughout the coming years of your marriage?

Get the WORKBOOK and go through it with your fiancé and pastor or counselor.