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The Value of Honor

Honor is a quality in us that is a deep conviction to do the right thing regardless of what the outcomes might be. Honorable people have a great advantage when it comes to leaving a legacy that others will celebrate. The distinguishing feature of this legacy is that if we live with honor, and it remains after we are gone, it’s what we will be remembered for. Equally important are the legacies we leave behind from one season to the next. These are like individual chapters in a history book. Add these chapters together and they form the entire record of our lives, with which others and most importantly, God will judge us. Your legacy is determined by making the moment count for the right reasons: obedience to God and compassion for His people. (You will find this and more on Page 146 of my  book, “The Proven Track of Success.” – See my “Bookstore page on the website.)

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