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“You’re Not Being Fair!”

We have all said the words, “You’re not being fair!” I was watching a TV sports program and one of the two commentators interrupted the guest speaker before the guy was done speaking. The other commentator said, “Hey, you’re not being fair!” I laughed at the first commentator’s reply to this. He said, “Fair is a place they judge pigs.” (He was referring to the tradition of American state fairs, in which farmers bring animals they have raised to be judged for their qualities.) I am not judging whether being “fair” is the right thing to do. However, it did remind me that “fair” is not a biblical principle by which are we live. Otherwise, it would be “fair” to accept and condone sinful living. It also would be fair to do to others whatever we wished. Jesus said, “And just as you want men to do to you, you also do to them likewise.” That’s Luke 6:31 (NKJV).

Neither God nor His Word is “fair.” The Word never appears in His vocabulary. What we need to understand that God may not always be “fair” by our standards. He is always righteous, and righteous living is His standard. This doesn’t conform to the World’s idea of fairness, nor should it. Righteousness is always “just,” but not necessarily fair. I’m Dr. Bob. Righteous living is a daily, moment-by-moment choice we make that has everything to do with a holy and successful life. It will keep you in the favor of God. This is the place Psalm 91 calls the “Secret Place of the Most High.” It’s a righteous place, prepared just for you.

You’re Not Being Fair-04-21-14

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