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How Do You Measure Yourself?

I was recently going through one of my journals from 1994. I came across some thoughts I had written down in preparation for a sermon, that I don’t think I ever preached. My thoughts began with this question: “Why am I doing what I am doing and by what measure can I be sure it’s not in vain?” I came to the following conclusions: I must constantly measure my motives by God’s kind of love. This is always the will of God. Anything else may be a self-deception to justify wrong motives. This led me to consider the most reliable way to make this measurement. I concluded that honestly seeking revelation from the Holy Spirit is best and will stop me from fooling myself. I John 3:11 (NKJV) says, “For this is the message that you heard from the beginning, that we should love one another,”

As I continued to read my journal, I saw I had written a note that directed me to turn back about twenty pages. There I found notes about something Smith Wigglesworth had said. (It’s been twenty years and so I don’t remember where I found the quote.) It still has as much life as it did when I first read it and wrote it down. Here it is: “We must not measure ourselves by ourselves. If we do, we shall always be small. Measure yourself by the will of God, the great measurement God brings to you.” I meditated on what Smith Wigglesworth had said and it drew me to these questions. By what do I really measure myself; and, by what will those who know me ultimately measure me when I am gone from their lives?

How Do You Measure Yourself?-04-14-14