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One Little Word Makes One Big Difference.

Recently, I was reviewing one of the lessons I would be teaching on my next visit to the Chinese language ministry school in Brooklyn New York that I am working to establish. The translation of each lesson into Chinese is a lengthy process for them to do. One of these lessons I sent to them was, “Living a Transparent Life.” As I was reviewing the lesson that they had been translating to use when I arrive there, I realized I had left one little word out of a sentence. Here is how the sentence read on the copy I sent for translation: “You are obligated to show everybody everything that is going on inside you.” When I read it, I was horrified. I immediately called the pastor in New York and explained I had left one little word out of the sentence. It was the word, “NOT.” The sentence should have read, “You are NOT obligated to show everybody everything that is going on inside you.” The difference is enormous. Without this word, “NOT,” it could be devastating. I quickly contacted the translator and made sure the mistake was corrected.

Song of Songs 2: 15 (NKJV) says, “Catch us the foxes, The little foxes that spoil the vines, For our vines have tender grapes.” A little word that’s omitted or not spoken can turn into a very large problem. It can result in completely misunderstanding the intent of the thought and lead to actions or beliefs that may result in someone being hurt. Be careful to consider what you are going to say or write before it ends up going into someone’s heart like a dagger. There may not be a second chance. Thank the Lord I was able to correct the omission of the word, “NOT” before it was printed and handed out.

Be careful to take your time, to consider your words carefully, and think compassionately before you release them. Have you been too impulsive with what you say? Have you failed to consider the feelings of others before you say or write what’s on your mind? Reflect on this.

One Little Word Makes One Big Difference-03-28-14

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