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The Truth is easier to Memorize.

Dr. Charles Krauthammer, a news journalist and TV commentator said something that carries a powerful message. He said, “Tell the truth. It’s easier to memorize.” For years, I have been saying the same thing when teaching or counseling. What makes the truth so powerful is that it leaves no place for carnal, evil or self-serving thoughts to hide and then spring from your lips to try to excuse or cover sin. In Numbers, Chapter 23, Moses warned Israel not to try to hide the truth about sin. The latter part of verse 23 records Moses saying, “…be sure your sin will find you out.”

Self-serving manipulation in the form of a spoken lie will eventually expose itself. This cannot be avoided through clever manipulation or maneuvering. However, if you make it a habitual practice to speak the truth, your words will carry the power to keep you free from sin’s grip. They will insulate you from temptation. Truthful words will bring God’s intervention, protection and blessings, and will deliver God’s grace to those to whom you speak. Dr. Krauthammer’s advice simply restated what Moses said so long ago. Lies will continually compound themselves, until they lead the liar to stumble over their complexities. The point is that lies will not be your servants, but quickly become your masters.

When you live a transparent life, and speak truth-filled words, sin has no opportunity to corner you and destroy your integrity. God responds to truth. He will see you through the moment and taken you to places only truth and transparency can provide. Reflect on this… and then, practice it.

The Truth is easier to Memorize

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