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One Lost Thread in a Tunic of Many Colors

Let me remind you of Joseph’s tunic of many colors. The beauty of any tunic comes from the intricate harmony of the way each thread is woven into its own place. Each thread becomes a vital part of the whole composition. However, if enough threads are pulled from the tunic, it loses the integrity of its composition. It is no longer complete. It has holes in it, which weaken it and tarnish its beauty. The threads that have been pulled out are cast aside and lost. This would certainly bring sorrow to the one who wove the tapestry. Romans 12:5 (NKJV) says, “so we, being many, are one body in Christ, and individually members of one another.”

I have a sweater made of fine New Zealand wool. Once, I snagged a thread and pulled it partially out. It could have caught on something and taken other threads with it, creating a hole. My wife, Nancy, told me not to pull or cut it. She carefully drew it back in from the inside until it was securely back in place. The integrity of the weaving was restored. Now, seeing threads hanging or pulled out of place always reminds me that, if we have been snagged by things carnal or sinful, and find ourselves out of place, God graciously draws us back into the tapestry of His Kingdom. Then, we again fit properly and contribute to its beauty. I’m Dr. Bob and here is my question for you. Are you out of place? Do you need a little repair or repositioning with the Lord? Put yourself in His hands. He will restore you as good as new. These are excellent thoughts to share with someone you know who is out of place and needs to come back to Jesus.

One Lost Thread from a Tunic of Many Colors