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What if you hear Nothing?

How often have you sought the Lord in the midst of a crisis, but heard nothing from Him? This experience is one we all have. When this happens, there are two things you should do. First, remember what the Lord has said to you in the past. Often, His previous instructions remain valid for your present situation. I have always relied on doing the last thing He told me to do, until He tells me anything different. The second thing you can do is take His silence as a signal to seek your answer in the Bible. God’s Word provides surefire, timeless principles that will never let you down. They contain wisdom and direction for the ages. In Proverbs 8:34-35 (NKJV), wisdom speaks and gives this assurance: “Blessed is the man who listens to me, Watching daily at my gates, Waiting at the posts of my doors. {35} For whoever finds me finds life, And obtains favor from the LORD;”

What if you remain unsure about what you should do? This happens to all of us. When it does, remind yourself that God is forever faithful. He will never let you down. Speak faith to any doubt you have. Then, stay positioned under the shadow of God’s wing and wait on Him. He will be there for you and illuminate your path safely to your destiny. He cannot help Himself. He is forever faithful and loves you. I’m Dr. Bob. If you are still in doubt about your next step, just hang out with the Lord and keep your spiritual eyes and ears open. This is the only place to be and the only intelligent thing to do. Reflect on this and elaborate on what it means.

What if you hear Nothing?