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A Passionate Cause will capture your Destiny.

Recently, I heard Pastor Jamie Peters preach about vision. His words captured my attention when he said, “When a vision turns into a cause, anything is possible.” I began to think of the process in which vision turns into a cause and then, the cause becomes passionate action. When this happens, anything and everything is possible. Pastor Jamie also said, “A vision is something you possess. A cause possesses you.” His example was David and Goliath. David saw the giant and heard his threats. It ignited something in him, and 1 Samuel 17:29 (NKJV) records that he said to his brothers, “Is there not a cause?” He walked past all the opposition and discouraging words into the valley to face Goliath. David did this with an unquenchable passion for his cause. He seized the moment, slew the giant, and captured his destiny… all with a small stone and a sling. That stone grew into a kingdom. The giant was merely an obstacle on the way to David’s destiny. David saw the giant as an opportunity and the door to his destiny. Believe in God. Believe in yourself. Then, knock down a giant or two on the way to your destiny… and do it with passion for the cause of Christ. I’m Dr. Bob. Here is something upon which to reflect. When your cause becomes passionate action, you will capture your destiny. Reflect on this idea.

A Passionate Cause will capture your Destiny

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