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LIfe is full of Typos

My wife Nancy and I had diligently prepared for a mentoring seminar we were about to do. We produced a carefully crafted handout for the seminar participants, taking great care to edit and proof read it. When we were satisfied with it, I took it to the church in which we would be doing the seminar. They produced two hundred nicely bound copies. The next day, Nancy and I were rehearsing the seminar. Suddenly, I noticed it. Yes, the handout had a misspelled word. I hate typos! I always work very hard at proof reading what I write, and yet, there it was. Hebrews 10:14 (ICB) says, “With one sacrifice he made perfect forever those who are being made holy.”

When God reminds us of our imperfect humanity, it helps to keep our lives in perspective. When I discovered the typo, I just laughed and thanked God I did not have to be perfect. I must admit, I have not always been this way, but with time, I have become comfortable knowing that my mistakes keep me from putting myself on a throne that does not belong to me. Only God should sit on a throne. He is the high and lofty one, worthy of all praise and glory. This is an imperfect message from me to you. One more thing – Isn’t it reassuring to know that God never makes typos. Our imperfection is part of His perfect, grand design. This is a biblical truth worth investigating. Reflect on this. It will bless you.

Life is full of Typos

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