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Love is a Principled Commitment

I’m Dr. Bob and for just a Mentoring Minute I want to remind you that these days, the world’s perception of love has gone completely away from what God designed it to be – and from what is really is. So let me give you a simple, accurate picture of love, according to God. It is your uncompromising, deeply principled commitment to value and care for somebody. That seems simple enough. However, there is more, and this tends to be the complicated part. God’s definition of love always includes the following. It is sacrificial in its foundations and character. There is yet another and most important part of the definition. Listen carefully. God’s kind of love leaves no room for an exit strategy. (Repeat) It carries your personal commitment for permanence, regardless of what life brings. It refuses to devalue its commitment by refusing to devalue the ones to whom it is committed. Love is a reflection of the heart of God. It is the platform upon which God’s abundant blessings for you and the others you love will stand. These blessings are designed to be shared. They are not available in a vacuum. They cannot be experienced alone. God’s kind of love brings blessings that will multiply themselves only in the midst of your loving action toward those you have committed to love. I’m Dr. Bob. Be true to your commitments and expect to bless and be a blessing. You can listen to additional Mentoring Minutes at love-is-a-principled-commitment-04-14-11

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