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Choices are the Hinges of Your Destiny

I’m Dr. Bob and for just a Mentoring Minute, I want to share some thoughts I have regarding something my pastor, Dr. Tom Peters recently said. Listen carefully. He said, “Choices are the hinges of your destiny.” When I heard this, the Holy Spirit immediately spoke to me. He burned the words that Dr. Peters spoke deeply into my heart. It was clear, and it was powerful. Think about it. The choices you make will be the hinges of your destiny. Let this truth speak to you. Let it encourage you. God has an amazing future for you that is full of amazing blessings. Like many of God’s blessings, those you can receive may be conditional. There is likely to be a big “IF” attached to them. “IF” you will make right choices, chief among which, in my opinion is to do as Jesus said in Luke 9:23 – to choose to deny yourself, take up your cross daily and follow Him. When you do, amazing things beyond what you could hope for or dream of will chase you down and bless you. I assure you, these amazing things hinge on the choices you make. Now, don’t try to argue with this powerful truth. You can argue about many things, but there are two with which you can never argue. First, never argue with a man’s experience and second, never argue with the Word of God. I’m Dr. Bob. What I just shared comes from both what I have personally experienced and from what God declared in His Word. So… make the right choice. Be an uncompromising, determined Luke 9:23 Christian. You can listen to my previous Mentoring Minutes at