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Let Them Breathe Into Your Dream

I’m Dr. Bob and for just a Mentoring Minute, I want to share the secret that makes dreams come true. I bet that just caught your attention. This is an interesting secret because God designed it to be revealed, not concealed. Here it is. Be faithful and grateful for, and to the people God provides to watch for your soul. They are precious gifts to you. When the time is right, share your dream with them. Then, ask them to breathe life into your dream through the wisdom and the connections they possess. Help from those who have watched for your soul will open doors you could neither recognize nor open. These precious people just might be the ones God has already appointed to facilitate your dreams into becoming reality. Here is another thing. Be sure to remember and honor them in the years that follow. In that great day when the Lord hands you what you have been dreaming about, go to them and tell them how much they meant to you. Then, take advantage of the opportunities you have to acknowledge these people publicly to others. Now for a final thought that must not be separated from my pervious ones. As you honor those that watched for your soul, give glory to your heavenly Father who provided them for you… and who made your dream become reality. I’m Dr. Bob. That’s a Mentoring Minute that speaks of how dreams come true. You can listen to others I have provided on my website by going to


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