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Stay In Your Lane

I’m Dr. Bob and for just a Mentoring Minute I want to ask you if you have ever been driving and found yourself drifting into the next lane only to be rudely brought back to reality by the blast of a horn? There was danger in the next lane that you never saw. Only the other driver’s horn alerted you of the danger. Wisdom says there is safety in staying in your lane. Stay with what God anointed you to do. Understand that you cannot do all the things you would like, but you can do many things others cannot. I heartily recommend you find what God has anointed you to do, and stay with it. Whatever it is will be very important and fruitful. It will fulfill God’s will and make a difference for somebody who needed you to do it. So stay in your lane. It is reserved for you and carries great purpose in it. Let your gift show itself in its proper place and you will find it greatly anointed, purposeful and effective. As you do what only you can do, you will find fulfillment and contentment. I’m Dr. Bob. Use the gifts God has given you. You can listen to my previous Mentoring Minutes at

Stay In Your Lane – Audio

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