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Don’t Watch the Grass Grow

I’m Dr. Bob and for just a Mentoring Minute, I want to assure you that even though you may not see it happening, your God-ordained future is growing into a reality. Like the grass, the great things that God has for you are growing in ways you cannot measure by watching. Your task is to do what God last told you to do, and to have faith that He will speak about your future at the appropriate time. Yes, this does take patience. You may be sure that what you see today is not what you will see tomorrow. Anticipate the plan of God and do the right things. Integrity, obedience to the Lord, and consistency in your faithfulness will bring you to your destiny. Remember that great growth come from small, consistently cared-for beginnings. Your task is to nurture them to completion, and just keep doing what it takes to grow your future. I’m Dr. Bob. You can listen to my previous Mentoring Minutes at

Don’t Watch the Grass Grow – Audio

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