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Treasure or Trash?

I’m Dr. Bob, and for just a mentoring minute I want to ask you to take a look at what’s in your heart. Is there anything there that you covet as a treasure, but it’s really trash ? Think about it. Ask yourself, if what you have given a treasured place in your heart is of eternal value. Is it precious to God? Does it bless others when you reveal it? Or, is what you have considered treasure actually of no value because it does not glorify God. Is it hiding its stink behind self-justification or stubbornness? Take an honest whiff of it. Would it be a sweet aroma in the nostrils of God, or would it actually stink like yesterday’s fish? Sometimes we fool ourselves into calling something treasure that is really trash. Don’t let yourself be fooled. I’m Dr. Bob. Contact me at and tell me about your treasure. Just dump your trash.

Treasure or Trash

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