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God Glorified, Devil Horrified!

I’m Dr. Bob. For just a mentoring minute, I want to ask, do you know what horrifies the devil? The next time you find your family, your job, your health or your finances threatened, do not give the devil an inch, not one inch! Instead, seize the opportunity to give God the glory, in the midst of your story. No matter how bleak it may appear to be, giving glory to God can cause heaven to move mountains on your behalf. What a strategic time to praise Him. Have faith in God. You will walk out the other side with a God-glorifying, devil-horrifying testimony. Every time you tell what the Lord has done, it’s like hitting old slew foot in the head with a large rock. Yes, you will be a winner and a champion when you begin your testimony when the battle announces itself and begins its attack. You will prove by your faith that you are a winner and a champion. You will make the devil’s neck your footstool. I’m Dr. Bob. Write me at and declare the goodness of God.

God Glorified, Devil Horrified