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Where Are You?

I’m Dr. Bob and for just a mentoring minute, I want you to consider three questions. Here’s the first question. It was God’s question to Adam. He asked, “Where are you?” We know God knew Adam’s location. There was a deeper meaning. The question exposed the problem. Adam had sinned and now his relationship with God was changed. He no longer enjoyed close fellowship with the Lord. Sin destroyed it.

Here is the second question. It’s found in Matthew 2:2. When the wise men from the East heard of Jesus’ birth, they asked, “Where is He?” They were guided to a lowly a manger by a heavenly star in the sky. They found the Savior. He was the answer to sin. He who knew no sin would become sin, so we could escape its grip and get back to God.

Now, consider a final question. It is just like the first. God, in all His loving grace, will ask it of you. “Where are you?” Yes, you! I’m Dr. Bob. Stop for a moment, consider this question and then, contact me at and tell me where you could be, if you just accept Christ’s loving sacrifice and then, draw near to God.

Where Are You?