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Is That All There Is?

I’m Dr. Bob and I want to talk to for a mentoring minute on the subject going from comfort zones to zones of fruitfulness. Often when we have worked hard, we finally find ourselves in zones that are comfortable and even rewarding. Have you ever arrived in a comfortable, rewarding place and asked yourself, “Is that all there is.” I have my comfort zones to be the most teachable times of my life. I have learned not to settle in, but to tune my spiritual ears and eyes toward God and let Him speak to me. I always hear Him say, “I have more for you.” You see, life is a journey, and though it has its stops along the way, what’s waiting at your next stop ought to be irresistible, regardless of the comforts you now enjoy.

In my willingness to leave what’s been good, I have always found God faithful to bring me to something even better. And… it will be even more fruitful for God’s kingdom. In the final analysis, it’s all about believing what God has said is true, and that His plan for me – and for you – is well worth leaving our comfort zones behind… and heading straight toward those zones of fruitfulness He has prepared for us. In them, we will find our destiny.  Contact me at and let me know what you think.


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