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It’s Not Fair!

I’m Dr. Bob and I want to talk to you for just a mentoring minute. Have you ever said, “It’s not fair?”  I know that, far too often, I have had that thought, and the feelings that go with it. I have come to the conclusion that God will use what seems so unfair as a sort of a gift. Unfair times and circumstances are often the only opportunity we have to turn away from our own self-centeredness and turn to God.

“It’s not fair” is a cry of discouragement and disappointment. I can think of no greater opportunity to turn my personal disappointment into something good, than to make that disappointment an opportunity for another appointment – an appointment with God. Disappointments, unfair moments… are all inevitable. What is not inevitable is that they bring us down. David wrote in Psalm 36, “How precious is your lovingkindness O LORD.” I would add, even in the face of our worst disappointments. What is always fair is that God loves you as much as anyone else, regardless of what life brings. Next time you are disappointed, make it an opportunity for another appointment. I’m Dr. Bob and you can reach me at