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Correcting Upwardly

I have been reflecting on those times when I had to bring correction to one of my ministry staff. In all of those cases, I was acutely aware of their value as people. It important that the correction would lead to something positive, even as I had to exact a penalty (there certainly were penalties). Here is a principle you should always hold high when you have the opportunity to bring correction to those you lead. CORRECTION SHOULD ALWAYS BE UPWARDLY CONSTRUCTIVE, NEVER DOWNWARDLY DESTRUCTIVE.  Here are three principles to remember as you bring correction.
1. Give the Holy Spirit access to your heart, before you engage your head and open your mouth.
2. Be sure the words you speak are filled with life and hope, even as they are straight and true.
3. Humble yourself before, during and after you speak. God will honor your attitude and use your words.
There is much more I could say, but I will look forward to what you can add to this.

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