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Use great care in promoting people into ministry positions.

I have learned to exercise great care to avoid moving people up the leadership ladder too quickly, or of placing them where they do not fit and function properly. Do everyone a favor, including yourself, and allow those you lead to have an adequate season to find their place and prove their faithfulness. Be patient, and expect the same from those you mentor. Patience is a great challenge for all of us, but especially, newly emerging leadership. There is a commendable excitement in them for ministry, and they are rightly motivated to do what is in their hearts and want to move ahead. Time always has a way of providing the tests that reveal what is in a person’s heart. Your opportunity as a mentor is to facilitate the kinds of experiences they will need to climb the leadership ladder patiently and successfully.

Think about your own experiences concerning this critical subject. If you have any wisdom to share about this issue,we welcome your comments.

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