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You might get a charge out of this

Recently, I was reflecting on something that happened a number of years ago on the mission field. We received a keyboard from America, which was a much needed gift for our church. Unfortunately, someone tried to plug it into the wall without using a transformer to change the voltage from 110 to 220 (the local voltage). This was done by bending the two vertical prongs of the keyboard plug to fit the wall receptacle which had slots that were angled. It took some effort to do this, but with brute strength, it was done. The keyboard was fried! The moral of the story: Like the keyboard plug and the mismatched wall receptacle, we often try to fit ourselves into places we do not belong, and certainly do not fit. Always check with God to see if things match up to His will and His ways for your life, before you insert yourself into any situation! If you have a similar experience, please share it with us.

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