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The Value of Teamwork

I am more aware than ever of the value of working together to see God’s will accomplished. The website has made me aware of my physical limitations and my inability to travel everywhere I would like. I am more convinced than ever that we must do whatever we can to achieve God’s purpose for the kingdom. For me, it involves providing whatever I can to whosoever can use it. I may never see you face to face this side of heaven, but it is gratifying to know I can be a help to you in some small way. Have you thought about doing the same for others in some small way?

Bishop Tony Miller (Destiny World Outreach) said two things which caught my attention today. First, he said, “In the kingdom of God, the opposite of ‘me’ is not ‘you,’ it is ‘we.’” Second, he said, “Do not sell your values for valuables.” Think about these two as you find ways to partner for God’s kingdom!

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