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Small church Pastors and their Disappointments

I have been thinking lately about how difficult it is for pastors who are in smaller churches. I have been working with a number of them. Most have had more than their share of frustrations and disappointments. There are a few areas that particularly stand out to me. Take a look at these and see if you can identify with them.

1. Often a pastor starts out with a core group of seemingly excited people. They are full of promise (and promises). It is reassuring to know they are there. Then one day, they are gone and you find yourself wondering how it happened and who will fill the void.

2. You started with great enthusiasm for a vision God surely gave you. Now it seems like what began as a joyful, energetic task has become a ho-hum exercise in just getting through the day.

3. You started well, but have found there are not the kinds of resources freely available to you that you now need. You cannot seem to find the right connections to get them.

4. It would just be nice to have real relationships with some other pastors in the same circumstances as you – relationships that encourage and allow an honest and encouraging exchange among each other. Sadly, you cannot seem to find such relationships.

The list could go on and on. I am sure you could add to it. The majority of new pastors and church plants do not grow into the mega-churches and mega-pastors we see on the TV or read about in the usual magazines. There are so many unanswered questions a pastor in one or more of these positions could ask (and probably does on a regular basis). What is the answer? What would you say to these faithful, hard working people who just cannot break through to their dreams? I have a few thoughts that I will follow up with in my next blog in the near future.

Dr. Bob