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Growing Toward Togetherness – Workbook


This workbook is designed for counseling Christian couples preparing for marriage. It will help to understand, reflect on and implement the principles found in “Growing Towards Togetherness,” Dr. Abramson’s book on preparing for marriage. Each chapter provides opportunities to learn and put into action practical principles and adjustments to benefit any soon-to-be marriage relationship. This will help build on the good things already shared and fine-tune other aspects of the relationship. Applying biblically based principles can bring couples to new levels of love, maturity, peace and joy. The questions and exercises require the readers to work with the “Growing Towards Togetherness” book. This workbook is intended to be used by couples in individual study, and/or together under the supervision of a counselor or pastor. These and many other questions will be explored:

  • What can you learn to help your upcoming marriage grow from good to great, or even greater?
  • How can understanding the differences between men and women bring you closer together?
  • What are the seven pillars of love that will keep your marriage solid?
  • How can you speak to each other in ways that will improve the quality of your relationship throughout the coming years of your marriage?
  • What fifteen practical steps can you take to make your upcoming married intimate times more meaningful?
  • How can you strengthen your life together by gaining a deeper insight into God’s kind of love?



Dr. Bob Abramson



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