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“Leadership is not about immediate results, but about the long-term journey through the call of God, all the way to the end.”

“Mandates” will afford you the opportunity to progressively refine your personal definition and understanding of leadership. This workbook explores twelve leadership mandates the Apostle Paul gave to Timothy. These “charges” will challenge you with issues relating to a lifetime of successful ministry for the Lord. You will gain valuable insight as you delve into questions such as:

  • Can you increase the effectiveness of spiritual warfare in your ministry?
  • What are your strongest leadership qualities? Your weakest?
  • How can you ground your people in the truth and motivate them?
  • Which of your gifts do you tend to neglect most often?
  • How can you guard against favoritism, partiality or prejudice?
  • Can you be approachable and zealous at the same time?
  • How can you handle your leaders who exhibit prideful behavior?
  • Have you been holding onto ministry patterns that you need to let go of?
  • What price will you pay to keep the fire burning inside of you?



Dr. Bob Abramson



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